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Gone Fishin’

For councillors, that is.

It’s day 2 of the Great Budget Debate of ’11. Up today? The Operating Budget. That’s right, I said the Operating Budget.

So, no post today but you can follow the proceedings on my Twitter feed, somewhere  in that direction.

Down there, on the right side of the page. No, your right. Under the calendar and the archives. Although, if you’re bored, you can check out a few of the oldies, we’ve posted. A favourite of mine is from June 10th of last year. Yeah, that was a good one.

Keep going, past that orange thingie… I don’t even know what that is. See where it says `All Fired Up in the Big Smoke on the’ and underneath there’s that blue bird? That’s us on the Twitter. Recent Outbursts will start at around about 9:30 and will continue until the party’s over.

That’s where you can find me.  If anyone’s asking.

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